Synthetic Grass

At Major Sports Surfaces, we can help you in choosing the right surface for your next sport court project.

Synthetic or ‘fake’ grass is increasingly becoming more popular, especially in the construction of tennis and pickleball courts as well as cricket pitches. Our range of synthetic turfing options are low maintenance and have the look and feel of natural grass without all the extra work and time. 

Advantages of Synthetic Grass

There are many advantages of having synthetic grass installed on your sporting surface. These include;

Making the decision to build a new sporting field, whether it be in your own backyard or as a large-scale council or government project is not a decision that is made lightly. Major Sports Surfaces can help you through the whole process from planning and excavation, construction, and surfacing. We have expert installers who know everything there is to know about synthetic turf installations. This means we can guarantee the quality of our product and our workmanship. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Major Sports Surfaces today and let us lay the synthetic grass on your next tennis court, cricket pitch, bowing green or pickleball court.

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