About Major Sports Surfaces

Over 3 decades of experience in the sporting ground surface industry.

Based in the Lake Macquarie area, we can assist you with planning, construction and laying your new sporting ground surface or repair and replacement of your existing surface. We conduct our services in both small scale residential projects as well as large commercial builds. 

We service all types of sports courts including;


We can also assist you with appropriate fencing solutions for your sporting ground, the supply of accessories such as nets and lighting and assistance with maintenance and repair of your existing sports surfaces.

About Major Sports Surfaces Lake Macquarie
About Major Sports Surfaces Lake Macquarie

Our History and commitment to quality

Major Sports Surfaces was founded by Mr. Warren Roberts, who has an extensive background in the sporting industry. Our staff is all sports orientated. When it comes down to our work in the resurfacing in acrylic sports surfaces, synthetic grass and fencing, we organize all the work ourselves and control the finished product. 

Major Sport Surfaces prides itself in being able to provide a very versatile service to its clients from full construction to resurfacing and by only using what we consider the best products available.

We have a commitment to maintain this services to our clients and ensure that the continuity of quality and service and a further commitment to product, workmanship and reliability. 

Major Sports Surfaces also understands the importance of maintaining a professional work environment and constantly adheres to strict workplace health and safety legislation. Safety is one of our main priorities when completing projects and our whole team takes an interest in making sure that our WHS policies are adhered to. Whether the project be at your residential property or a large scale sporting facility, we take your safety and the safety of others seriously!

Why choose Major Sports Surfaces? Sports Court Construction - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

Why choose Major Sports Surfaces?

As industry leaders in our field, we go the extra mile to make sure our clients are satisfied with the end result. We take the time to get to know you and your needs. Our team is dedicated to delivering a quality product and understand the importance of maintaining a positive customer- business relationship. Getting a sport surface laid is not a small feat and we want you to be proud to look at your sports ground and know that Major Sport Surfaces has looked after you. We are pretty old school and proud of it because we know that loyalty goes a long way and our quality products and a quality service cannot be beaten!

Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle
Major Sports Surfaces, Australia

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Major Sports Surfaces will continue to be an innovative Company using quality products and can assure all their clients, old and new, of their commitment to excel in both construction development and service.