Synpave Acrylic Coatings


Available in 12 bright and vivid colours, the Synpave system is the surface of choice for your commercial or residential project.

Suitable for private, commercial, government and school-based projects, Synpave provides a durable and high-performance playing surface. Designed to be long lasting, the Synpave system delivers an excellent ball bounce ratio and suitable grip for both amateur and professional players. Fully manufactured in Australia, Synpave products by Rebound Ace are ecologically responsible and are tried and tested to be the best on the market.

Synpave Acrylic Coatings - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

How does Synpave work?

Synpave sports surfaces, or acrylic courts as they are known in layman’s terms are built on a 5-layer system. It starts with a concrete or asphalt base layer. This can be new or existing concrete/asphalt depending on whether your surface is a new built or if you are resurfacing an existing court. A layer of concrete based coat is applied on top (for concrete bases only). Two layers of Acrylic Filler are added to the top of the concrete base (if applicable) to strengthen the support surface. The final two layers of playing surface are added to the top for a premier finish. 

At Major Sports Surfaces, we are dedicated to using only quality products for our sports surfaces. Therefore, we choose to use the Synpave system by Rebound Ace. As an Australian made and manufactured system, we can attest to its durability and longevity. We can assist you in choosing the right colour to suit your playing surface and make your court look amazing! Don’t hesitate. Contact Major Sports Surfaces today and let us guide you through the process of laying your acrylic sports surface with Synpave.

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