Cricket Pitches

Want to hit that ball for six but don’t have a pitch to do it on?

At Major Sports Surfaces, our cricket pitches are designed, planned, and constructed with the customers’ needs in mind. We take into consideration what you want to achieve from your pitch and make appropriate recommendations in the best interests of you.

Cricket is an exceedingly popular sport not only in Australia but worldwide as well. It is played in many different forms, from Twenty20 to one day international (ODI) to test cricket matches, all following different rules and variations. The ‘cricket pitch’ consists of the central strip of playing field between the two wickets. The pitch is generally either made from live grass that has been compacted flat or synthetic grass options. As a sport that has very specific surface requirements, its important when making the decision to construct a cricket pitch, that the correct surface is chosen. That’s where Major Sports Surfaces can assist.

Cricket Pitches - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle
Cricket Pitches - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

Surface Options

After an interpretation of the site assessment has been analysed, the team at Major Sport Surfaces will walk you through the design options for your tennis court. This will include providing you with surface options that may be best suited to your needs. We offer a variety of tennis court surfaces including acrylic based; plexipave and synpave coatings, grass, clay, and concrete/asphalt.

All of our tennis court surface options are long lasting and designed to provide an excellent playing surface. We provide our professional opinion on which surface is going to best suited to your court location and need. We help you decide on fencing solutions for your tennis court and we can quote for netting and lighting solutions.

Site and Location

We look at the proposed location for your cricket pitch and complete an assessment of the location to ensure that the conditions are appropriate to construct a cricket pitch.

We can offer recommendations on the site assessment and provide you with adequate quoting information to ensure that you have the best outcome for you and your budget. We take into consideration development applications, drainage, excavation, base construction, surfacing, light and wicket installation and fencing requirements. Basically, Major Sports Surfaces does it all for you.

Cricket Pitches - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle


It’s time to get serious! We have helped you plan and pick your location, size, construction, surface, and additional extras; now the fun begins. The team at Major Sport Surfaces follows a strict scope plan to ensure all components of your tennis court are constructed and delivered to your specifications. Our experienced technicians work together with appropriate contractors to ensure smooth communication. We deliver excellence!

So what are you waiting for? Contact the team at Major Sports Surfaces today and start construction on the basketball court of your dreams!