Plexipave Acrylic Coatings

Plexipave acrylic coatings has been the sports surface of choice for numerous years across the world. The plexipave system comes in numerous options of both hard and soft fall coatings.

When setting up a sporting ground, there is more to consider than just the surface you are going to lay.

Nearly all sporting grounds will require fencing of some kind as well as the relevant equipment needed to play the sport and by this, we are referring to lighting, posts and netting. Major Sports Surfaces are equipped to not only deliver quality sports surfaces for you to play on, but also install custom lighting, posts and netting for your sporting ground. As specialists in our field, we can deliver quality products that are custom designed to fit your space and requirements.

Sports Court Construction - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle


This is generally made of concrete or asphalt. This layer is the base of the court and provides a strong foundation to lay the upper layers of the surface.

Sports Court Construction - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle


It is essential that when making the decision to construct a sports area, that the land selected for the build is suitable. Flatter land areas are easier on the construction requirements and generally easier to get approval through the relevant council and government authorities.

Sports Court Construction - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle


The coloured layer of fortified Plexipave is installed. It provides a uniform surface texture.

Sports Court Construction - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle


Line paint is applied to the court. This line paint is usually made from heavily bodied acrylic.

The Plexipave Hard Court system comes in over 12 different colour options depending on the finish and functionality you want to achieve from your sports surface.

Plexipave Acrylic Coatings - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

Plexicushion Court System

The Plexicushion system combines the soft fall surface bounce and sure footing with the outstanding durability of the Plexipave hard court system. It incorporates the shock absorbing properties of EPDM rubber cushioning to result in a dynamically responding surface that responds to body movements and impact.
The Plexicushion Prestige system features a 6 layer system for optimised performance.

Major Sports Surfaces can help you select the right Plexipave system to suit your needs. Contact us today for a quote for your next sporting surface.

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