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require A little repairs and maintenance?

Ideally, when you have a sport surface first laid or replaced, it should require little repairs and maintenance. The level of attention your sports surface requires will depend on a few factors including; the amount of use, the weather it is exposed to, if there are spillages on the surface, the material your surface is made from and the footwear worn on the surface.

Sports Surfaces Cleaning - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle
Sports Surface Cleaning - Major Sports Surfaces

Repairs from Major Sports Surfaces

With regular use over a longer period of time, your sports surfaces will become damaged and worn out. Concrete and asphalt surfaces may experience cracking, wood and timber surfaces may experience chipping and cracking and softer surfaces may have ripping, tearing and damage due to sharp objects.

At Major Sport Surfaces, we pride ourselves on low maintenance solutions for any sport surfaces. We take the time to get to know your sporting area and help you select the appropriate surface solution for your sporting facilities. We also specialise in repair of your damaged surfaces. Contact us today if you need a quote on getting your sports surface repaired or replaced.

Tips for cleaning and maintenance of your sports surface

General surface care of your sports surface will depend on its location. Outdoor surfaces tend to be prone to harsher conditions and generally need more repairs and maintenance. We encourage you to pressure wash your outdoor surfaces yearly to maintain pristine colour and remove any pollutants and dirt build up. The team at Major Sport Surfaces can assist with pressure cleaning should it be required.

For more regular maintenance, we suggest sweeping or air blowing your surfaces weekly to remove leaves and dirt. If the courts are stained or experience spillages, clean them up immediately by washing with water and a light cleaning solution. Light scrubbing to remove any remaining stains is also recommended. We recommend that asphalt and concrete sport surfaces be resurfaced every 5 years, depending on the level of wear and tear from general use.

Sports Surface Cleaning - Major Sports Surfaces - Lake Macquarie & Newcastle
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