Sports Court Lighting, Posts and Netting

When setting up a sporting ground, there is more to consider than just the surface you are going to lay.

Nearly all sporting grounds will require fencing of some kind as well as the relevant equipment needed to play the sport and by this, we are referring to lighting, posts and netting. Major Sports Surfaces are equipped to not only deliver quality sports surfaces for you to play on, but also install custom lighting, posts and netting for your sporting ground. As specialists in our field, we can deliver quality products that are custom designed to fit your space and requirements.

Sports Court Lighting, Posts and Netting - Major Sports Surfaces
Sports Court Lighting, Posts and Netting - Major Sports Surfaces

Post Options

From basketball, to netball, soccer and cricket, nearly every sport has a post of some form installed. Whether this be a vertical goal post or stumps, Major Sports Surfaces has your sports posts sorted. We can organise to have custom designed goal posts installed on your next sporting ground. Our goal posts are made from the highest quality materials including timber and galvanised steel. We can also supply custom design backboards for basketball courts made from the highest quality acrylic materials.

The team at Major Sports Surfaces also specialises in providing goal post padding options with safety and durability in mind. We supply custom post padding options to ensure that they are appropriately fitted to the specific post. We are equipped with the most up to date knowledge of the safety standards of each sport and can offer a wide variety of padding thicknesses and densities to suit the individual sport needs. With Major Sports Surfaces, you’re in safe hands!

Lighting Options

Major Sports Surfaces can provide you with the best lighting solutions for your next sporting ground. Our lighting options include downlights for indoor applications and spot and flood lights for outdoor applications. Our lighting is designed with efficiency in mind and we guarantee to provide you with the most suitable lighting option for your specific sport.

When installing lighting for your sporting ground/court, Major Sports Surfaces also considers the impact that the installation of lighting has on neighbouring properties, as well as the impact on spectators to reduce glare. Our lighting solutions are designed so that spectators can see the game in full, players can see and anticipate their opponents next move and you can rest easy knowing your sporting ground is adequately lit and energy efficient to reduce the risk of injury and reduce your power costs!

Sports Court Lighting, Posts and Netting - Major Sports Surfaces

Netting Options

Major Sports Surfaces has been supplying and installing netting options for sports surfaces for over 30 years. We provide high quality and long-lasting netting solutions custom made to meet the needs of each individual customer. We can supply netting for tennis courts, basketball hoops, volleyball courts and soccer goals, as well as a wide selection of barrier netting options. We offer netting options in various materials and can provide recommendations on the most suitable netting for your next sports ground project. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t get caught in your old net, let Major Sports Surfaces help you untangle with the right netting solution for you!

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