Basketball Courts

Want to slam dunk a ball but don’t have a court to do it on?

At Major Sports Surfaces, our basketball courts are designed, planned and constructed with the customers’ needs in mind. We take into consideration what you want to achieve from your basketball court and make appropriate recommendations in the best interests of you.

Basketball is a very commonly played sport in Australia. It has begun to compete in popularity with the leagues of AFL, soccer, and tennis. Basketball can be played as an indoor or an outdoor sport, which is why there are a variety of different options when it comes to the surface on which the sport is played.

Indoor basketball court surfaces are typically made with highly-polish wood, such as maple which has a specific sealant added designed to protect the wood surface. In recent years, wood basketball courts have become less and less popular and people are opting for rubber and synthetic surfaces instead. Outdoor courts are known for having concrete and asphalt surfaces as the most popular choice as they are long lasting and hard wearing. If your court is outdoor with overcover protection such as under a shelter or cola, synthetic or rubber is an option as well. At Major Sports Surfaces, we can make your basketball court dreams come true!

Basketball Courts - Major Sports Surfaces

We look at the proposed location for your basketball court and complete an assessment of the location to ensure that the conditions are appropriate to construct a basketball court. We can offer recommendations on the site assessment and provide you with adequate quoting information to ensure that you have the best outcome for you and your budget.

We take into consideration development applications, drainage, excavation, base construction, surfacing, light and netting installation and fencing requirements. Basically, Major Sports Surfaces does it all for you.

Site and Location


It’s time to get serious! We have helped you plan and pick your location, size, construction, surface, and additional extras; now the fun begins. The team at Major Sport Surfaces follows a strict scope plan to ensure all components of your tennis court are constructed and delivered to your specifications. Our experienced technicians work together with appropriate contractors to ensure smooth communication. We deliver excellence!

So what are you waiting for? Contact the team at Major Sports Surfaces today and start construction on the basketball court of your dreams!